O Green World

November 2019

Sustainability can be too often used as a fashion buzz word, but at Black we love the fact that fashion can look good on, and also be good for you. Leading by example, from making locally with transparent supply chains to working with certified organic fabrics and trims, the designers and brands in this editorial practice what they preach. There’s no greenwashing here.

A champion of all thimgs well made clothes top to toe, fashion editor Chris Lorimer styles focuses on a number of labels — consciously made jewellery by Holly Ryan and Momoko Hatano with the stylish workwear of Melbourne’s Denimsmith, internationally renowned trainers brand Veja and the restrained silhouettes meets bold textile of Collective Closets, with and heels by Rafa. Select thrifted pieces also fulfill their sustainable part for their addition of individuality and a garments second (or third) life